Backpack Skiffo Nomade 30L αδιάβροχο

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: PB-DPAG-SN30


material 500D  
available sizes 30L
watertight Yes
Touchscreen smartphone pouch Yes
Anse transport shoulder strap

To keep his business dry!

The Sup is an exciting sport that invites you to spend long hours on the board. The Dry Bags Nomads, designed by marine PVC (500D Tarpauline), provide you strength and robustness. Declined in 15L or 30L, these waterproof bags allow you to store your belongings dry while having direct access to your smartphone.

Smartphone pouch

smartphone pouch

Consult your wet hands smartphone

reflective line

reflective line

With the Dry Bag Nomad, you are seen by far!


tight closure

Roll 3 times the bag neck and keep your belongings dry

3 sections

Slot card

To find your bag

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